Holi Festival London: let there be colour!

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holi festival london

There’s always something crazy happening in London. Last weekend, in the concrete sea of Battersea Park, thousands of people clad in white gathered to turn themselves into rainbows. The event was inspired by the religious festival Holi, where Hindus gather together in February/March to celebrate the coming of spring and throw masses of coloured powder at each other. The festival at Battersea exported the idea … Read More

World Pillow Fight Day London

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pillow fight day london

London’s Trafalgar Square is an ocean of feathers, pyjamas and pillows. Hundreds of people are fighting. Welcome to World Pillow Fight Day!   Frenzied participants unleashed their fury in the capital for almost two hours. Everyone was welcome to join in; all those with pillows were targets. “Get the zebra girl!!!” Sometimes attacks were partially co-ordinated. Pillows burst open during … Read More

Zombie outbreak in London

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Terror brakes loose in Central London as hundreds of people have been infected with the zombie virus. The first victims were sighted at the Tate Modern, London, in the early afternoon of 13th October. Sources say the outbreak originated from within the Edvard Munch exhibition, but this has not yet been confirmed. The infection spread quickly, and within just a … Read More