The day I almost fell off a cliff in the Faroe Islands

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kalsoy island faroe islands

Several months earlier I’d seen a photo of a lighthouse set on the edge of a dramatic green island. A stunning balance between nature and humanity, it captured my heart immediately. After some research I discovered it was Kallur Lighthouse on the Island of Kalsoy, in the fairly unknown and enigmatic Faroe Islands. I then discovered that it was pretty … Read More

Hiking to Gasadalur: the world’s most beautiful village

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hiking to gasadalur

For the most dramatic entrance to one of the world’s most beautiful villages, hiking to Gasadalur via the old postal route is something not to be missed. Unless the weather’s bad (a common occurrence in the Faroe Islands), in which case it becomes slightly suicidal! Let’s get stuck in with the details. Until about ten years ago, when a tunnel … Read More

Tongariro Alpine Crossing guide

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tongariro alpine crossing guide

Tongariro Alpine Crossing, the big daddy of day hikes in New Zealand. Remember that nasty glow on the horizon Frodo and Sam spent two films reaching? And those barren lands of Mordor you see in the third? Well this hike takes you through the very same place. And whilst the real-life version isn’t quite glowing, its sulphuric vents and craters … Read More

Mt Alfred, New Zealand: A hike in paradise

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mt alfred, new zealand

Surrounded by jagged peaks and glaciers, Mt Alfred looks like a tiddler – an easy hiking option, you’d think. He’s not, exactly. He’s a bad boy of a mountain (1300m) surrounded by serious competition. This is the start of Mount Aspiring National Park, home to New Zealand’s highest mountains. I truly realised this as I reached the last few sets … Read More

1600 steps later

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walk of the gods

This is the last little section of the Amalfi Coast’s Walk of the Gods (you can read about the rest of the walk here). By this point you’ve spent some time descending, your head is no longer in the clouds (at least not literally, anyway), and the land starts to close in on you. A lot of people don’t rate … Read More

Hiking to Positano: the walk of the gods

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walk of the gods amalfi coast

Tired of the Amalfi Coast’s beautiful towns and warm turquoise waters? No? Well, you’ll still want to do this; the Walk of the Gods. It’s certainly no modest name for a hike. So does it live up to its name? Yes! Snaking high above the bustle of the Amalfi towns this beautiful walk sees comparatively few visitors; go just a little off-season and … Read More