The Story Behind an Image: Mind vs Photography

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Hot Water Beach, sunrise, Coromandel, New Zealand

  The alarm sounded off at 5am. It was so warm and comfy in bed, and so dark and wet outside. My sleepy head trawled through all the options of what I should do and why. You have to win a lot of battles in order to get a great photograph, and most of them are fought with yourself. I … Read More

Spring bluebells in Ashridge Estate, Buckinghamshire

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After all those cold miserable days suffered through winter, there’s a treat in store: Bluebells are everywhere! At dawn in the spring woods you start to understand why so many myths, tales and legends originate from here. It’s ethereal. Stripes of different shades emerge as the sun shines through the trees. You lose all track of time in the bluebell … Read More

Prehistoric Britain uncovered

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“Here you are!” Exclaimed archaeologist David Jacques, knee-deep in mud as he placed a sharp piece of flint in my hand. It was a prehistoric hunting tool. “Just think, you are the second person to hold this in about 8,000 years.” Just over a mile away from Stonehenge a group of archaeologists led by David Jacques, a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Buckingham, have … Read More

An abandoned gunpowder factory in Cornwall

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kennall vale cornwall

Deep in the recesses of Cornwall lies Kennall Vale, a tangle of greenery, waterfalls and long-abandoned factory buildings. They were built in the 19th century and produced gunpowder for the mines that dominated Cornwall at this time – the high humidity was perfect as it reduced the risk of explosions. Now it’s a Cornish jungle. On a whim, after my … Read More

The streets that Picasso walked (Part 1 of 3)

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barcelona streets

A photographic wander through the streets of central Barcelona. Part 1 – Form and structure The streets are narrow, the buildings tall. They act like blinkers. The angles of the doors and balconies dominate the view. Balconies outnumber pedestrians. Plants outnumber balconies. The end of each corner holds a mystery. Some corners seem untouched. # Delicate lights line the streets. You feel small and … Read More

Infrared photography tips: how to best use a filter

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How to get the best out of an infrared filter teamed with a normal camera. The following photos were taken using my Canon 5D mark iii and a 52mm Hoya R72 infrared filter. 51 seconds, f7.1, ISO 200 #1 Weather Though you don’t *need* it to be sunny to take lovely shots, it definitely helps because your exposure times will … Read More

What is the best memory card for a DSLR?

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It’s nearly Christmas and I’ve asked for a new memory card for my DSLR, but which one? I’m no techie, but I’ve done some reading up, and hopefully this entry can help other people with their decision. Memory cards might be boring but they matter! And you don’t need to buy the most expensive one to get the best out … Read More

Budget Tilt Shift Photography

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I love the miniature effect you can get from tilt shift lenses; they’re so captivating. And although the price of a tilt shift lens is not ridiculously high in the grand scheme of photography equipment, in business terms they’d be end up as a liability (or at least for me!). They still look awesome, of course. But it’s not impossible to recreate on … Read More