Lose yourself in the streets of Piran, Slovenia

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visit piran slovenia

Set in the sparkling Adriatic Sea, Piran’s tight network of streets and beautiful old buildings could easily be mistaken for Venice. And it’s fair to say that Piran does feel more like Italy than Slovenia; ruled by the Venetians for quite some time, Italian is spoken as much as Slovenian. But unlike its Italian neighbour it’s blissfully quiet and surprisingly … Read More

Ile aux Aigrettes day trip: Mauritius’s Eden

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ile aux aigrettes

On the tiny island of Ile aux Aigrettes, just a few minutes off the mainland of Mauritius, the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation (MWF) have worked to create an environmental stronghold, a sanctuary for the near-lost species to thrive. It might have been too late for the dodo, but when there were only a handful of wild pink pigeons and Mauritian kestrels … Read More

Best Beaches in Mauritius

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best beaches in mauritius

Let’s face it – we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to beaches in Mauritius. Wherever you go on the island you’ll come across the turquoise waters and pale sands you’ve been drooling over on the internet. So which ones do you visit? Or which one do you base yourself at? Here’s a roundup of what I think are the … Read More

5 reasons why you should visit Venice in November

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venice in november

November is a nasty month in Europe. The best of autumn is over and the best of winter hasn’t arrived. It’s a no-man zone for travelling in my mind. So where do you go if you don’t wan’t to take a hefty flight to somewhere far away? Is there anywhere that doesn’t feel slightly depressing? Venice! Yes, Venice in November is unique, … Read More

The golden Cotswolds in Autumn

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cotswolds in autumn

I’m the first person to moan about the end of summer, but the Cotswolds in autumn is so beautiful that I really can’t complain. By going to this beautiful little part of the country you can really see the best of the season. So one autumn I decided to do a little weekend cycle round around the area, hopping from … Read More

Best of the Faroe Islands

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Gjogv, Faroe Islands

Recently I’ve been using my 5D3 camera for film, and during my two holidays in the Faroe Islands this summer I seriously put it through its paces. And 6 months later I finally made this: … my favourite clips from my amazing two weeks in the Faroe Islands. Enjoy!  

Summer in the Faroe Islands: an introduction

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Tjornuvik, faroe islands

Give up those balmy holidays and head north, where the land is wild and ruled by the elements.  Go to a collection of islands where people are outnumbered by sheep and the weather changes the world around you in an instant. Where 15C is hot and sunshine is a novelty. Where the edges are sheer and clouds shroud the lands … Read More

At the top of Slovenia

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We walked along a deserted road that winds beside Lake Bohinj, Slovenia. Whilst there are a few hotels and houses on our side, across the still water there are only trees and mountains. Several hours ago we had left our B&B in Ribcev Laz to find the cable car that would take us to the top of the mountains that … Read More

Libreria Acqua Alta: Venice’s flooded bookshop

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venice, bookshop, flooded, acqua alta

Venice is flooded. People are wading along the streets in a foot or two of water and the buildings are boarded up. But the Libreria Acqua Alta is still open for business. In fact it’s in its element. The Libreria Acqua Alta (translated as the High Water Bookshop), like many other places in Venice, is prone to flooding. It can be … Read More

Flooded Venice – Day 1

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venice in november

Three hours before it happens sirens blare across the city. They sound a lot like the the air raid sirens of World War Two and they’re almost as eerie, too. This day they had sounded off at dawn. It was wet and murky, a far cry from the serene sunrises and sunsets of the previous days (see Blue Venice for … Read More

Beautiful photos of Venice in winter to make you fall in love

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venice in november

I’m a big fan of travelling off season, and Venice in winter is the perfect example of why. The city feels like a different place compared to the gaudiness of high summer; in winter it becomes a place for easy and endless wandering through empty streets bathed in fog or soft sunlight. Everywhere is serene and ridiculously atmospheric, not to … Read More

Burano travel photos: my favourite rainbow town

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burano, italy, november

Burano might just be the best rainbow town you could hope to find. It’s such a beauty! And so colourful and quaint you would barely even believe it’s real. Here are my travel photos from Burano from the couple of hours I spent there in mid-November. Burano is the perfect way to spend half a day or so when you’re … Read More

A weekend in Rye and Camber Sands

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weekend in rye

Tucked away at the bottom of the British Isles lies the Medieval town of Rye. It’s modest in size but there’s heaps of charm packed inside its walls, from wobbly roofs to blooming tea rooms and bespoke shops to a 600-year-old pub. It’s well prepared for the tourist in pursuit of aesthetic pleasures, and who wouldn’t fall for that! Our … Read More