Tongariro Alpine Crossing guide

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tongariro alpine crossing guide

Tongariro Alpine Crossing, the big daddy of day hikes in New Zealand. Remember that nasty glow on the horizon Frodo and Sam spent two films reaching? And those barren lands of Mordor you see in the third? Well this hike takes you through the very same place. And whilst the real-life version isn’t quite glowing, its sulphuric vents and craters … Read More

Summer in the Faroe Islands: an introduction

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Tjornuvik, faroe islands

Give up those balmy holidays and head north, where the land is wild and ruled by the elements.  Go to a collection of islands where people are outnumbered by sheep and the weather changes the world around you in an instant. Where 15C is hot and sunshine is a novelty. Where the edges are sheer and clouds shroud the lands … Read More

Zombie outbreak in London

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Terror brakes loose in Central London as hundreds of people have been infected with the zombie virus. The first victims were sighted at the Tate Modern, London, in the early afternoon of 13th October. Sources say the outbreak originated from within the Edvard Munch exhibition, but this has not yet been confirmed. The infection spread quickly, and within just a … Read More