The day I almost fell off a cliff in the Faroe Islands

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kalsoy island faroe islands

Several months earlier I’d seen a photo of a lighthouse set on the edge of a dramatic green island. A stunning balance between nature and humanity, it had captured my heart immediately. After some research I discovered it was Kallur Lighthouse on the Island of Kalsoy, part of the unknown and enigmatic Faroe Islands, and through a short flight, a … Read More

Guide to Mykines: jump on and join thousands of puffins

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Mykines Faroe Islands

Not visiting Mykines when in the Faroe Islands is a bit like going to Italy without seeing Rome; this remote island has some of the most iconic sites and experiences the Faroes have to offer. So what’s here? Well the analogy to Rome stretches no further… There’s a tiny, colourful but rundown village, far removed from tourism and the rest … Read More

Hiking to Gasadalur: the world’s most beautiful village

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hiking to gasadalur

For the most dramatic entrance to one of the world’s most beautiful villages, hiking to Gasadalur via the old postal route is something not to be missed. Unless the weather’s bad (a common occurrence in the Faroe Islands), in which case it becomes slightly suicidal! Let’s get stuck in with the details. Until about ten years ago, when a tunnel … Read More

Best of the Faroe Islands

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Gjogv, Faroe Islands

Recently I’ve been using my 5D3 camera for film, and during my two holidays in the Faroe Islands this summer I seriously put it through its paces. And 6 months later I finally made this: … my favourite clips from my amazing two weeks in the Faroe Islands. Enjoy!  

Summer in the Faroe Islands: an introduction

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Tjornuvik, faroe islands

Give up those balmy holidays and head north, where the land is wild and ruled by the elements.  Go to a collection of islands where people are outnumbered by sheep and the weather changes the world around you in an instant. Where 15C is hot and sunshine is a novelty. Where the edges are sheer and clouds shroud the lands … Read More