Libreria Acqua Alta: Venice’s flooded bookshop

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venice, bookshop, flooded, acqua alta

Venice is flooded. People are wading along the streets in a foot or two of water and the buildings are boarded up. But the Libreria Acqua Alta is still open for business. In fact it’s in its element. The Libreria Acqua Alta (translated as the High Water Bookshop), like many other places in Venice, is prone to flooding. It can be … Read More

Flooded Venice – Day 1

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venice in november

Three hours before it happens sirens blare across the city. They sound a lot like the the air raid sirens of World War Two and they’re almost as eerie, too. This day they had sounded off at dawn. It was wet and murky, a far cry from the serene sunrises and sunsets of the previous days (see Blue Venice for … Read More

Beautiful photos of Venice in winter to make you fall in love

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venice in november

I’m a big fan of travelling off season, and Venice in winter is the perfect example of why. The city feels like a different place compared to the gaudiness of high summer; in winter it becomes a place for easy and endless wandering through empty streets bathed in fog or soft sunlight. Everywhere is serene and ridiculously atmospheric, not to … Read More

Burano travel photos: my favourite rainbow town

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burano, italy, november

Burano might just be the best rainbow town you could hope to find. It’s such a beauty! And so colourful and quaint you would barely even believe it’s real. Here are my travel photos from Burano from the couple of hours I spent there in mid-November. Burano is the perfect way to spend half a day or so when you’re … Read More

The 1600-step walk from Nocelle to Positano

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walk of the gods

This is the last little section of the Amalfi Coast’s Walk of the Gods (you can read about the rest of the walk here). By this point you’ve spent some time descending, your head is no longer in the clouds (at least not literally, anyway), and the land starts to close in on you. A lot of people don’t rate … Read More

Hiking the walk of the gods, Amalfi Coast

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walk of the gods amalfi coast

Tired of the Amalfi Coast’s beautiful towns and warm turquoise waters? No? Well, you’ll still want to do this; the Walk of the Gods. It’s certainly no modest name for a hike. So does it live up to its name? Yes! Snaking high above the bustle of the Amalfi towns this beautiful walk sees comparatively few visitors; go just a little off-season and … Read More

Faces of Rome

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These are some photos of the faces that caught my eye in Piazza Navona, Rome. With bright blue skies and glorious, novel sunshine, it was amazing to leave behind those endless grey skies of Buckingham. While most people were out and about with their wide angle lenses, I lugged my 70-200mm around the capital all day. Perhaps, given the choice, … Read More