The day I almost fell off a cliff in the Faroe Islands

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kalsoy island faroe islands

Several months earlier I’d seen a photo of a lighthouse set on the edge of a dramatic green island. A stunning balance between nature and humanity, it captured my heart immediately. After some research I discovered it was Kallur Lighthouse on the Island of Kalsoy, in the fairly unknown and enigmatic Faroe Islands. I then discovered that it was pretty … Read More

Guide to Mykines: jump on and join thousands of puffins

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Mykines Faroe Islands

Not visiting Mykines when in the Faroe Islands is a bit like going to Italy without seeing Rome; this remote island has some of the most iconic sites and experiences the Faroes have to offer. So what’s here? Well the analogy to Rome stretches no further… There’s a tiny, colourful but rundown village, far removed from tourism and the rest … Read More

20 Awesome things to do in Mauritius

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  Mauritius is world famous for its beautiful beaches, and if all you wanted to do whilst there was sit under a palm tree with the sand beneath your toes I couldn’t blame you.  But if you’re anything like me – who can’t lay still on a beach for more than 10 minutes – you’ll be totally surprised at the … Read More

Skydiving in Queenstown: 12,000ft, 200km/h

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skydiving in queenstown

I asked my parents if, for my 16th birthday, I could go skydiving. Funnily enough they said no. So I decided to wait until I was 18 when I wouldn’t need their permission. 12 years later I’m being taken 12,000ft up to go skydiving in Queenstown, New Zealand, for the first time. In a tiny noisy plane we gain height … Read More

To the top of the Eiffel Tower

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eiffel tower, france, top, heigh

On every corner is a restaurant whose most affordable meal is a king’s ransom. Tricksters and shills linger at intersections, finding a lady which their marks never will. In the bustle of a cooler-than-expected summer’s day, the Eiffel Tower – the most iconic wonder of the modern world – looms out of the corner of the eye, almost hidden. Almost. … Read More