Libreria Acqua Alta: Venice’s flooded bookshop

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venice, bookshop, flooded, acqua alta

Venice is flooded. People are wading along the streets in a foot or two of water and the buildings are boarded up. But the Libreria Acqua Alta is still open for business. In fact it’s in its element. The Libreria Acqua Alta (translated as the High Water Bookshop), like many other places in Venice, is prone to flooding. It can be … Read More

An abandoned gunpowder factory in Cornwall

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kennall vale cornwall

Deep in the recesses of Cornwall lies Kennall Vale, a tangle of greenery, waterfalls and long-abandoned factory buildings. They were built in the 19th century and produced gunpowder for the mines that dominated Cornwall at this time – the high humidity was perfect as it reduced the risk of explosions. Now it’s a Cornish jungle. On a whim, after my … Read More

The streets that Picasso walked (Part 3 of 3)

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barcelona streets people

A photographic wander through the streets of central Barcelona. Part 3 – The People But it’s the glimpses of the lives within these streets; from masses of hanging laundry; to a carelessly parked vespa; and finally to the people themselves; that make for the most vibrant photos of all.

Beautiful street art in Barcelona

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barcelona graffiti

A photographic wander through the streets of central Barcelona. Part 2 – Street art and colour   Every space is a canvas; the walls, the doors, the shutters. Art and colour is in the very fabric of Barcelona. From the manmade to the organic; from the bold graffiti and the glaring streets’ lights at night   to the soft pastel tones … Read More

The streets that Picasso walked (Part 1 of 3)

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barcelona streets

A photographic wander through the streets of central Barcelona. Part 1 – Form and structure The streets are narrow, the buildings tall. They act like blinkers. The angles of the doors and balconies dominate the view. Balconies outnumber pedestrians. Plants outnumber balconies. The end of each corner holds a mystery. Some corners seem untouched. # Delicate lights line the streets. You feel small and … Read More

New Forest underwater

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Equipped with wellies, raincoats, and plastics bags for the cameras, we explore the saturated New Forest. You would never had guessed that it was July! A pair of tourists marvel at the burst river. After the rain calmed down we took our first steps out to survey the area and plan a route. A collection of trees surrounded by floodwater. By this point … Read More