Tried and tested Milford Track packing list

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Advice for backpackers

It’s hard to know where to start when packing for the Milford Track – you want your pack to be as light as possible but you don’t want to forget anything important, either. Have no fear! Follow my Milford Track packing list to get you on your way. With that light backpack of yours you’ll be cruising through the track … Read More

Tongariro Alpine Crossing guide

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tongariro alpine crossing guide

Tongariro Alpine Crossing, the big daddy of day hikes in New Zealand. Remember that nasty glow on the horizon Frodo and Sam spent two films reaching? And those barren lands of Mordor you see in the third? Well this hike takes you through the very same place. And whilst the real-life version isn’t quite glowing, its sulphuric vents and craters … Read More

Everything you need to know about the Routeburn Track

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conical hill routeburn track

From lush green forests to alpine tarns, from cascading waterfalls to sweeping mountains, the Routeburn Track has it all. It was without a doubt my favourite hike in New Zealand. So what it’s like? What can you expect to see? And how difficult is it? In this post I’ll be sharing my stories and photos from the track as well … Read More

Skydiving in Queenstown: the day I fell 12,000ft at 200km/h

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skydiving in queenstown

I asked my parents if, for my 16th birthday, I could go skydiving. Funnily enough they said no. So I decided to wait until I was 18 when I wouldn’t need their permission. 12 years later I’m being taken 12,000ft up to go skydiving in Queenstown, New Zealand, for the first time. In a tiny noisy plane we gain height … Read More

Guide to the Milford Track independent walk

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milford sound, new zealand

The Milford Track – claimed to be one of the best walks in the world. So what’s it like? What do you need to bring? And is it really that good? I did the Milford track as an independent walk, absolutely loved it, and have all the details you need to know. So let’s get started! Introduction Info at a … Read More

Mt Alfred, New Zealand: A hike in paradise

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mt alfred, new zealand

Surrounded by jagged peaks and glaciers, Mt Alfred looks like a tiddler – an easy hiking option, you’d think. He’s not, exactly. He’s a bad boy of a mountain (1300m) surrounded by serious competition. This is the start of Mount Aspiring National Park, home to New Zealand’s highest mountains. I truly realised this as I reached the last few sets … Read More

The Story Behind an Image: Mind vs Photography

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Hot Water Beach, sunrise, Coromandel, New Zealand

  The alarm sounded off at 5am. It was so warm and comfy in bed, and so dark and wet outside. My sleepy head trawled through all the options of what I should do and why. You have to win a lot of battles in order to get a great photograph, and most of them are fought with yourself. I … Read More