Hiking to Gasadalur: the world’s most beautiful village

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hiking to gasadalur

For the most dramatic entrance to one of the world’s most beautiful villages, hiking to Gasadalur via the old postal route is something not to be missed. Unless the weather’s bad (a common occurrence in the Faroe Islands), in which case it becomes slightly suicidal! Let’s get stuck in with the details. Until about ten years ago, when a tunnel … Read More

Tongariro Alpine Crossing guide

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tongariro alpine crossing guide

Tongariro Alpine Crossing, the big daddy of day hikes in New Zealand. Remember that nasty glow on the horizon Frodo and Sam spent two films reaching? And those barren lands of Mordor you see in the third? Well this hike takes you through the very same place. And whilst the real-life version isn’t quite glowing, its sulphuric vents and craters … Read More

5 reasons why you should visit Venice in November

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venice in november

November is a nasty month in Europe. The best of autumn is over and the best of winter hasn’t arrived. It’s a no-man zone for travelling in my mind. So where do you go if you don’t wan’t to take a hefty flight to somewhere far away? Is there anywhere that doesn’t feel slightly depressing? Venice! Yes, Venice in November is unique, … Read More

Views from the top of the Eiffel Tower, Paris

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eiffel tower, france, top, heigh

On every corner is a restaurant whose most affordable meal is a king’s ransom. Tricksters and shills linger at intersections, finding a lady which their marks never will. In the bustle of a cooler-than-expected summer’s day, the Eiffel Tower – the most iconic wonder of the modern world – looms out of the corner of the eye, almost hidden. Almost. … Read More

Mt Alfred, New Zealand: A hike in paradise

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mt alfred, new zealand

Surrounded by jagged peaks and glaciers, Mt Alfred looks like a tiddler – an easy hiking option, you’d think. He’s not, exactly. He’s a bad boy of a mountain (1300m) surrounded by serious competition. This is the start of Mount Aspiring National Park, home to New Zealand’s highest mountains. I truly realised this as I reached the last few sets … Read More

The 1600-step walk from Nocelle to Positano

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walk of the gods

This is the last little section of the Amalfi Coast’s Walk of the Gods (you can read about the rest of the walk here). By this point you’ve spent some time descending, your head is no longer in the clouds (at least not literally, anyway), and the land starts to close in on you. A lot of people don’t rate … Read More

Hiking the walk of the gods, Amalfi Coast

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walk of the gods amalfi coast

Tired of the Amalfi Coast’s beautiful towns and warm turquoise waters? No? Well, you’ll still want to do this; the Walk of the Gods. It’s certainly no modest name for a hike. So does it live up to its name? Yes! Snaking high above the bustle of the Amalfi towns this beautiful walk sees comparatively few visitors; go just a little off-season and … Read More

A weekend in Rye and Camber Sands

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weekend in rye

Tucked away at the bottom of the British Isles lies the Medieval town of Rye. It’s modest in size but there’s heaps of charm packed inside its walls, from wobbly roofs to blooming tea rooms and bespoke shops to a 600-year-old pub. It’s well prepared for the tourist in pursuit of aesthetic pleasures, and who wouldn’t fall for that! Our … Read More

Park Guell Sunset

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And finally, here is my most ambitious photo of Barcelona: an HDR composite of a sunset over Park Guell, a fantastic garden designed by Antoni Gaudi. I’m not sure I want to admit to how many photos I took to make this (and this is the cropped version)! This was my first attempt at an HDR image (though I appreciate them in many contexts, … Read More

Beautiful street art in Barcelona – Photo Essay

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barcelona graffiti

All photos taken in the Barrio Gotico (Barri Gotic) and El Born/La Ribera districts. Every space is a canvas; the walls, the doors, the shutters. Art and colour is in the very fabric of Barcelona. From the manmade to the organic; from the bold graffiti and the glaring streets’ lights at night to the soft pastel tones of the walls … Read More

10 degrees celcius

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A Sunday with the Bournemouth Spartans Winter Sea Swimming Club. November: the dreariest month on the British calendar. While most people don on their woollies and crank up the central heating, the Bournemouth Spartans spark into action and brave the elements en mass; it’s the beginning of their sea swimming season. Equipped with only a bathing suit, a towel, and sometimes … Read More

Faces of Rome

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These are some photos of the faces that caught my eye in Piazza Navona, Rome. With bright blue skies and glorious, novel sunshine, it was amazing to leave behind those endless grey skies of Buckingham. While most people were out and about with their wide angle lenses, I lugged my 70-200mm around the capital all day. Perhaps, given the choice, … Read More

New Forest underwater

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Equipped with wellies, raincoats, and plastics bags for the cameras, we explore the saturated New Forest. You would never had guessed that it was July! A pair of tourists marvel at the burst river. After the rain calmed down we took our first steps out to survey the area and plan a route. A collection of trees surrounded by floodwater. By this point … Read More